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B&K Agency is a multi-service firm with years of experience in the EU public policy world. We offer our expertise in government relations, public relations, and strategic communications, creating avenues for our clients to build strong relationships with key decision-makers and grow businesses that make an impact.


A public policy decision-making process is complex and lengthy. When a critical issue is on the agenda, B&K Agency is ready to step in and help you navigate legislative and regulatory procedures on all levels of governance.

We help our clients recognize critical issues in their industries and take action to advance their interests by appealing to policymakers, media representatives, and civil society. Whether you need help in understanding a regulatory framework, influencing public policy, or affecting real change, we will help you develop a winning strategy to succeed in your political endeavours.

We integrate government relations, political intelligence, and grassroots advocacy into our campaign strategy to guarantee our clients’ success in the political arena.

Regulatory Consulting

Political Engagement

Political Intelligencee

Media Monitoring


At B&K Agency, we value the significance of public opinion on the success of each campaign. Our goal is to help our clients establish impactful relationships with key stakeholders and support their brand reputation.

We help our clients develop a sustainable communications strategy that supports their policy endeavours and shapes a positive public response.

If the crisis strikes, it is your reputation on the line. Together, we prepare for potential setbacks and develop a solid action plan to protect your reputation before any emergency occurs.

Media Engagement

PR Events

Crisis Management


Information is crucial for corporate decision-making when it comes to public policy developments. We help our clients understand various geopolitical scenarios, calculate political risks, and make informed decisions despite political turbulence.

EU Policy Analysis

Analytics Reports


In today’s world, it is crucial for businesses to engage with society at large. More and more companies focus on creating opportunities to give back to their customers and communities, thanking them for their loyalty and building even stronger relationships with the local stakeholders.

At B&K Agency, we understand the importance of nurturing relationships with small communities. We help businesses develop their CSR strategies that generate positive social impact based on principles of sustainability and inclusivity, host community activities with an ethical approach, create annual CSR reports, and evaluate the effect on the community’s well-being and the business.

CSR Analysis & Goal Identification

CSR Strategy Development

Project Management, Reporting & Evaluation

Annual CSR Report

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